Mini H ENail


1pc Mini Henail/1500mah Li-ion battery;
1pc glass bubbler;
1pc magnetic carb cap &dab tool;
1pc titanium dish;
1pc quartz dish;
1pc Ceramic dish;
1pc USB charger;
1pc user manual;
1pc warranty card;
1pc gift box

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The G9 Mini Henail is a pocket sized dabber allowing the user to dab on the go with no torch, no plugs, and with water filtration! With a built in 1500mah battery and multiple dishes options. Mini Henail stays true to the saying that good things come in small packages.




1.Pocket sized dabber allowing dabbing on the go.





2.Multiple dishes options for perfect flavor.





3.Rechargeable 1500mah battery built in.







4.Replaceable atomizer


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